Brick-Force Wiki

Type Upgradable Main Submachine
Capacity 100
Base Value Default gun

"A submachine gun used in early 20th century. Standard-issue weapon for paratroopers" - Brick-Force.

The BP40 is one of the four available default weapons given to new players. The gun may seem weak but in the hands of an experienced player, it can make quick work of an opponent.


The BP40 is the default weapon a player will receive upon joining the game. While weak, this unique weapon can make quick work of an opponent. This weapon may seem weak but played with the right tactics, the player can dominate the game. The BP40 is best for close combat, yet the tight reticle allows the weapon to preform accurately at medium ranges.

A player with a BP40 can have difficulties trying to get past heavy machine guns or assault rifles due to its lack of power and slightly smaller clip size. It is important to remember that the further the enemy the harder it will be to hit the them, thus leaving the player open for enemies to flank. Submachine guns are normally lightweight weapons, allowing the player to move quickly and with this as an advantage they are perfect weapons to flank enemies.

Tips on Usage[]

  • When using the BP40, stay near cover if possible. Cover will not only protect the player while they reload but will cause you to take less damage while exchanging fire which is an almost necessary advantage given the low damage of the BP40.
  • Avoid attacking multiple players face-to-face. A face-to-face confrontation with multiple opponents will place you at a huge disadvantage given the small clip and low damage of the BP40. If a player with the BP40 must engage multiple targets, it would be best to attempt an ambush on the targets from behind. The best method of dealing with this issue is to preform a hit and run tactic, or a Hit and cover tactic. This allows the user to hide away from enemy fire while still dealing a reasonable amount of damage to the enemy.
  • The BP40 can be used as an effective medium-distance gun, as it can fairly easily hit players from across a medium-sized map due to its abnormally tight reticle.
  • The tight reticle of the BP40 makes it an effective tool for achieving Brick Shots.


  • This is one of four permanent weapons received by players when they first join Brick-Force. The other three are the BWP38, Grenade, and Wrench (B-Hammer is only available to those that have completed the beta invite requirements) .
  • Some players think of this gun as a Micro-Assault Rifle as opposed to a Submachine Gun due to the heavy weight, low rate of fire and high long distance accuracy.
  • The BP40 was first introduced in Closed Beta version 1.4 Infernum Release 40.