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Blast mode, now renamed to "Diffusion Mode" is a game-mode in which requires the team to either plant a bomb onto the bomb site in the map or diffusing the bomb after it's plant. Like in Team Death-Match, the game consist of 2 teams: red and blue. The role of planting the bomb is given to the red team, the role of diffusing the bomb is given to the blue team. However, unlike other game modes, the player only has 1 life per round, upon death the player is joined in as a spectator.

Like CTF mode, Diffusion mode also provides the player the location of the bomb site. The bomb sites are displayed on the mini-map (top-left corner of the screen) with icon "A" and "B". Every map has 2 bomb sites in it, the red team can plant the bomb on either of them - however, once one of the team-members has planted the bomb - the bomb will be removed from everyone's inventory on the red team. Once the bomb has been planted, the blue team has up to 30 seconds to defuse the bomb, it is up the red team to defend the bomb from being defused during this period of time.

Victory can also be obtained once the members of the opposing team has been eliminated, this can be achieved before or after the planting of the bomb.

How to play[]

Planting the bomb[]

All players on the red team are equipped with a bomb on when the game starts. The bomb is located on the player's fifth inventory slot, by default you can select the bomb through the hotkey "5" on your keyboard. Equipping the bomb does nothing, the player aren't able to wield the bomb nor plant it anywhere besides the bomb site.

Once located the bomb site, the player will have to approach the bomb aim at it and hold down the default hotkey "E". Lifting the hotkey up cancels the diffusion process. Planting the bomb takes around an approximate 7 seconds. During this time, the players are unable to mobilize, however, unlike defusing the bomb, the player are able to move their aim cursor as long as the aim is pointing towards the direction of the bomb site. If the aim where to go outside of the bomb site, then the planting will automatically be canceled. Planting the bomb again takes an additional 7 seconds.

There are high risk when planting the though, the red team may have the benefit of mobilizing their aim, however, this only allows them to observer their frontier view. In addition to this, the players aren't able to see much either as the bomb site itself will be blocking the view. This means that the player is fully exposed to open fire especially from behind.

Defusing the bomb[]

Like planting the bomb, the players are able to diffuse the bomb by coming up close to the planted bomb, aim at it and hold down the default hotkey "E". However, there is a risk to this, upon defusing the bomb, the player is unable to move nor aim at anything else, in addition to this, the diffusion takes an approximate time of 7 seconds - During this time, like when planting the bomb, players are fully exposed to open fire, the only way to mobilize again is to cancel the diffusion. Canceling works by lifting the hotkey "E", however if the player wants to diffuse the bomb again, the player will have to diffuse again from scratch, this in itself requires an additional 7 seconds to diffuse it.

If the player is unable to diffuse the bomb within the time limit, the bomb will explode, whether the player is in a state of diffusing it or not.

Side Note[]

- Upon defusing the bomb, player under fire will not be affected by the recoil of the weapon, in other words, the mouse is locked onto the bomb.

- The damage of the bomb is not distributed this means that players within it's range of explosion will instantly die.

- If the bomb manages to explode and kill all players in the round with it, the victory still counts to the red team as they have succeeded in completing their objective.

- The bomb can be planted on any faces of the bomb site, including underneath and upwards

- The player creates continuous loud sounds when defusing/planting the bomb. The sound of these noise can be heard of an approximate 50 meters beyond.

Tips on playing[]


- When the time limit for the bomb reaches down to 6 seconds, both teams should try to create as much distance from the bomb as possible before the bomb explodes, this increases the chance of survival.

- Since players only have 1 life, it is recommend to bring in a HP points to the game. Using these will increase your survival chance, hence longer time to participate in the round.

- Make sure to clear any enemies surrounding the bomb before planting/defusing. You can check for any living enemies by pressing the hotkey "tab", if there are no living enemies on the opposing team, then doing this step is not necessary.

- When defusing/planting the bomb, try to listen keenly on the sound of enemies footstep. This will alarm you for nearby enemies. Increasing the volume can also help

- Be aware of the sound of defusing/planting bomb, if you hear any then you should rush back to the nearest bomb site as possible.

Red Team[]

- When planting the bomb, try to plant in the middle of the face of the bomb. This allows you to observe a balanced view of your left and right surroundings while still being able to plant the bomb. It isn't necessary to plant the bomb in the middle, sometimes it is better to plant the bomb from different angles. The bomb should be planted where appropriate, for example, if the enemy is only able to approach the bomb on it's left side the players should plant the bomb standing on the furthest left side as this allows you to give the most view of the right side.

- When defending the bomb, try to station yourself a mid distance from the bomb, but not too far. This will make you harder to spot among enemies, and more aware of the surroundings.

- Try to defend the bomb in groups of 2, this usually outnumbers the approaching enemy. Even more better, Try to defend the bomb site with different weapon types, a sniper could be stationed further away from the bomb and gunners can be directly near it. This expands the viewpoint of the map, and easier to eliminate enemies - the gunner can take the attention of approaching enemies creating a scenario for the snipers to kill the enemies without distraction.

- If you are holding a sniper and you're only person defending the bomb, try to wait for the enemies to defuse the bomb before pulling the trigger. This makes an easy shot as the enemy is unable to move. However, you should also try to conceal yourself from sight as much as possible, at the same time you should keep track of the enemy. If you are unable to keep track of the enemy, then focus on concealing yourself completely and listen for the sound of diffusion before making any acts. This stealth advice is very effective especially if your enemy is an experienced veteran. - My personal advice, Blueboy6

Blue Team[]

- Right before approaching the bomb, try to use an action panel "heartbeat radar" to detect enemies. It is most likely that there will be enemies protecting the bomb or enemies camped on bomb entrance. Doing this will benefit you a lot as you can avoid death.

- Bringing in a boomslang prevents approaching enemies to assassinate you when defusing the bomb. Try to place the boomslang on the nearest entrance to the bomb as enemies will most likely approach from there. If possible, keep the boomslang hidden from enemy sight.

- On additional note, if there is only one entrance to the bomb site, place the bomb within sight on the entrance, this will scare off approaching enemies. It's very effective as enemies usually hesitate on what to do when seeing a sight, especially if the boomslang is unavoidable (2x2/2x1 block entrance is considered unavoidable).

- Notify your team through team-chat once you have found the planted bomb, even if you don't detect any enemies. Your team can defend you while you defuse the bomb.


- Blast mode has been renamed to "Diffusion mode"


Im Defusions-Modus, ist das Ziel der Roten Teams eine Bombe zu platzieren, und das des Blauen, dies zu verhindern. Alle Mitglieder des roten Teams besitzen eine Bombe (Hot-Key = 5). Sie müssen einen der zwei Defusions Plätze finden, welche in jeder "Defusions" Map eingebaut ist.

Setzen (Team Rot) und entschärfen (Team Blau) der Bombe geschieht mit dem gedrückthalten von der "E" Taste. Dies wird ein wenig dauern also bringe genug Teammitglieder mit, für die Sicherheit! Wenn die Bombe gesetzt wurde, wird ein Countdown starten welcher für jeden auf der Karte sichtbar ist. Wenn die Zeit um ist, explodiert die Bombe und das Blaue Team verliert. Wenn die Bombe nicht während des Countdowns hochgeht, verliert das rote Team. Beide Teams können auch mit dem töten aller Mitglieder des jeweiligen gegnerischen Teams. Wenn Team Rot eine Bombe gesetzt hat, während der Zeit wo alle tot sind, muss das blaue Team entschärfen bevor sie gewinnen. Du siehst beide Defusion-Plätze auf der Mini-Karte.


En Mode Explosion, le but de l'équipe rouge est de poser une bombe et le but de l'équipe bleue est de la désamorcer. Tous les membres de l'équipe rouge possèdent une bombe (arme 5). C'est leur but de poser à tout prix une bombe sur l'une des deux caisses explosives présentes sur toutes les cartes en mode explosion.

Le bouton E du clavier sert à planter ou à désamorcer une bombe (il faut rester appuyé dessus). Cela va prendre du temps donc faites attention à vous (7 sec pour planter/désamorcer)! Mais les membres de votre équipe sont là pour vous couvrir! Une fois qu'une bombe est posée, un compte à rebours visible par tous les joueurs sur la carte se déclenche (30 sec). Quand celui-ci est terminé, la bombe explose et l'équipe bleue perd. Chacune des équipes peut également gagner en tuant tous les joueurs adverses (par contre, si la bombe et posée, les bleus doivent également la désamorcer pour gagner). On peut voir l'emplacement des caisses explosives sur le radar !