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The Bomber Bee[edit | edit source]

The Bomber Bee is a NPC (non-playable charater) that is in a gamemode called Defense.

This picture below this text is from closed beta. You can see the new ones in Defense. There are also boss bee's!

Die sogenannte Bomber-Bee, zu deutsch "Bomber-Biene", ist ein NPC ("nicht spielbarer Charakter"), der in dem Spielmodus Defense erscheint. Im Bild unterhalb sind die Bomber-Bees der Closed Beta, der Testphase von Brick-Force. In der aktuellsten Version vom Modus Defense gibt es sogar Bomber-Bee Anführer!


On this picture we can see some Bomber Bees (attacking a map?).

Cupquake's Bomber Bee[edit | edit source]


This is fan art of Bomber Bee, made by Cupquake for Brick-Force. You can watch a video [on YouTube] about how it was made here.

Bomber Bee Paperwork[edit | edit source]

On the Official Page you can find a modell to build yourself! Just print it out and start building your own Bomber Bee! You can find it here