Brick-Force Wiki

Anything you can place on the map in Building mode is called a brick, even the items that do not look like bricks such as flags, ladders and so on. There are three types of bricks which will be looked at next.

Alles, was auf einer Karte gebaut wird nennt sich "Bricks" (zu deutsch Ziegelstein). Auch die Gegenstände die nicht aussehen wie Ziegelsteine. (Flaggen, Leitern usw.). Es gibt drei Arten von Bricks, diese findest du unten!

General Bricks[]

These basic bricks can be used right from the start. They are available to any player who likes to build things. They include the means to build anything from concrete, to wood, to grass green design. With these bricks, you can build entire cities; your fantasy is just as endless as your possibilities..

Colorful Bricks[]

Colorful bricks are alike general bricks, but they just come in assorted colors. Colorful bricks are good for building artistical structures, because they are unbreakable. Also, alike general and decorative bricks, they all make diffrent noises when stepped on.

Red Brick[]

Red Brick.png

A red iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Number: Unlimited

Sound: Tile

Orange Brick[]

Orange Brick.png

An orange iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Number: Unlimited

Sound: Tile

Yellow Brick[]

Yellow Brick.png

A yellow iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Number: Unlimited

Sound: Tile

Green Brick[]

Green Brick.png

A green iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Number: Unlimited

Sound: Tile

Sky Blue Brick[]

Sky Blue Brick.png

A sky blue iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Number: Unlimited

Sound: Tile

Blue Brick[]

Blue Brick.png

A blue iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Number: Unlimited

Sound: Tile

Purple Brick[]

Purple Brick.png

A purple iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Number: Unlimited

Sound: Tile

Bright Gray Stone Brick[]

Bright Gray Stone Brick.png

A soft gray iridescent brick that has a slight glow.

Gray Stone Brick[]

Gray Stone Brick.png

A very modest gray brick that's easy on the eyes.

Dark Grey Stone Brick[]

Dark Gray Stone Brick.png

A substantial-looking gray brick. It is in fact heavy.

Deco Bricks[]

Decorative bricks are a special type of brick. They differ from Color bricks as they provide cool extra bricks such as windows, traffic cones, pillars or even computers! However, most Deco Bricks have a limit, so use them wisely. The Deco bricks of Season 2 to 4 require the special brick packs to use. You can purrchase this using any type of game currency. Note: You can try using Deco bricks to simulate something that isn't in-game. Also, you may notice that deco bricks don't cast shadows.

Function Bricks[]

Function bricks are any bricks that react to a player's actions. Function bricks do things that range from exploding from damage to launching players in the air. Some function bricks are required for certain game modes, such as Defusion Bombs.

Funktions Bricks sind alle Bricks, die auf Aktionen des Spielers reagieren. Funktions Bricks können explodieren und Schäden an Spielern, die in der Luft starten. Einige Funktions Bricks sind für bestimmte Spielmodi, wie Defusion, erforderlich (Bomben).


Max. 8 (Red and Blue) or 16 (Single, or Green) --The spawn flags are essential for any existing map. They come in 3 colors: Blue, which spawns blue team members, Red, which spawns red team members, and Green (Or single), which spawn players in Deathmatch mode. The players spawn facing the flag's direction (The flagpole should be on the left when facing you). These take up a 1x1x2 space.


Unlimited --Probably the simplest function brick in the entire game. Ladders do what they do in every game: Let you climb them. Ladders come in wood and steel forms. Though a function brick, steel ladders are available when the Season 2 Sci-Fi brick pack is obtained. The trick to climbing ladders is to move as if you were walking. Use W or S to move up and down, and use A or D to move side to side. If you stop moving on a ladder, you will stay on it.

Flag Spawns[]

Max. 1 --These are required for CTF mode. The yellow flag spawn is where players go to receive the flag, and the players go to the other flag spawns to capture it. Teams try to get their flag to the opposite color capture point. These take up a 3x3x2 space.

Bomb Site[]

Max. 2 --Two of these are required to play Defusion mode. The red team plants a bomb here, while the blue team defends it. This takes up a 3x3x3 space.

Monster Portals[]

Max. 1 --There are two portals, one entrance and one exit portal. This marks where the monsters for defense will appear and disappear. These bricks are physically touchable in play mode. They take up a 3x3x3 space.

Monster Path[]

Max. 50 --These are also required for Defense mode. A straight path of them leading from one portal to another is required. This shows where the monsters will go as they journey to the exit portal. You may enter the path's area in Play mode, but not Build mode. Note that if a monster has multiple paths available, one will be chosen randomly.


Max. 2 each --There are two types of turrets available for maps: Normal and Vulcan. Upon stepping on the platform and holding "E", a player may operate a turret the same way he/she would use a gun, with the restrictions of no movement and overheating. Turrets' dimensions are 5x5x3, so make sure you have room before trying to place one.


Max. 200 for normal/blue, 100 other colors --Glass is not only a perfect brick for your new window, but it's also breakable. After suffering enough damage, the glass shatters completely, making an empty space where it once was. Glass is available in 5 colors: Normal (Light blue in color), Blue, Green, Yellow (Looks orange), and red. The last 3 colors are more limited, so use them wisely.

Light Wooden Box[]

Max. 50 --This box is more fragile than the dark one. It, like glass, it breakable and acts the same way as glass except that you can't see through it. These are very limited, so make sure you don't need to cover up too many map secrets.


Max. 20 --The fire burns you, of course. You take damage about one time per second when within the fires range, and lose about 10 hp for each burn (No armor). Be aware that the fire can kill you. The smoke that rises out of the fires can reach up higher than a block, so putting fire under a block can give a "smoking" effect.

Drum with Explosives[]

Max. 30 --It looks like a normal drum, but it's much worse that that. Shooting this drum enough will cause it to explode, dealing heavy damage to anyone within range. If another player is killed when the drum bursts, the person who busted the drum gets the kill. Note that explosive drums can damage other explosive drums.

Toxic Waste Drum[]

Max. 30 ---This one is like a white drum. However, if you shoot it enough, it will explode and leave behind a poison effect for a few seconds. This will damage players over time, like fires. If a drum shot by a person kills someone, then the drum-destroyer will get the kill.

Gravity Bricks[]

Max. 10 of each type ---The gravity bricks shift gravity depending on what ones are placed. Yellow ones will increase gravity, making jump height smaller and causing players to "crouch" as they walk. The blue ones decrease gravity, making jumps become higher and players seem to "hover" as the float down as they fall. Each type comes in 2 forms: Normal or fragile. The fragile bricks can be destroyed, removing their effects completely.

Vertical Booster[]

Max. 10 ---These bricks catapult players upwards when they go within the effect area. Running towards the brick will cause it to launch you at an angle. Without the effects of gravity, the brick will launch you so that your head will reach 6 blocks high.

Horizontal Booster[]

Max. 10 ---These bricks launch players 12 blocks in the direction they're pointed in. They are placed facing the player who placed them. Note that you can't just go within range of the booster to make it work, you have to move in the direction opposite of the way it's facing. Placing two on top of each other seems to disable the bricks, only having the work in someone jumps at them.