Brick Force ist ein kostenloses MMO indem man wie in Minecraft aus Rechtecken und Items sich eine Welt erbaut. Fragen und Antworten findet ihr hier.


Es gibt viele verschiedene Steinarten sowie Items. Dabei sind dies in drei Kategorien unterteilt. Farbige Brck, Besondere Bricks und Normale Bricks. Um Farbige und besondere Brick szu nutzen muss man dies mit Tickets erkaufen.

Brick-Force is the world's first cross-platform free-to-play sandbox fun-shooter. The biggest Community you find on this Forum.

Recent News:

Gameplay Styles 

Build Mode

Create a fantastic world brick by brick. Play with your friends or on your own, and design the maps you've always dreamed of. You can use all of brick range to create Houses, barricades, tunnels, etc. and anything else you can come up with. 

Ever since the Brick Star update, (Brick-Force Season 2) new blocks and decorations have been added to enhance gameplay and map making. 

Play Mode

Select one of countless maps and set off on a thrilling shooter hunt for other players.

Brick-Force is currently in it's fourth Season.

Clan Match

Play against other clans in any kind shooter mode to be crowned victorious and to receive an overall clan grade. Who knows? Maybe your clan will be at the top of the ranks. 

The Shop

Pick up everything you need to become a Brick-Force Star right here! 

Clothing or Armor

Player's can customize their character to make them look however they want. Brick-Force offers a wide selection of costumes and clothing, and Infernum is always coming up with new designs!!! 


In order for you to excel in Brick-Force, you're going to want to have a few weapons equipped. Here you can learn about all the different kinds of weapons, and then take a look at them yourself! 


Anything else about Brick-Force that doesn't have a specific Category.