Build mode is one of the various ways you can play in Brick-Force. 

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Build Mode SummaryEdit

With build mode, players have the freedom to create various maps of different sizes and shape; then sharing them with the rest of the Brick-Force community. Various building blocks and decorations are offered to help expand your ideas and build your world, and with the BrickStar update, (Brick-Force Season 2), more blocks and decorations were added. 

Other blocks effect will effect the type of gameplay the creator wishes their map to based on. Spawn points for Red and Blue teams as well as DeathMatch spawnpoints can be placed anywhere to enhance gameplay and map making. Other examples of these blocks include fire, ladders, Bomber Bee paths and portals, CTF Flag Holders, and bomb sites. 

Players also have the option of inviting friends to help them build their creations. 

Tools and CommandsEdit

With build mode comes various tools and commands that are helpful when building a map. 

To allow players to edit your map, (placing/removing blocks), you need to give them permission if you are the leader of the room. To do this, press Ctrl and a menu will pop up showing the list of players in the room, the room name and number, and an option to change or add a password. To allow a player, click on the check box next to their name. Then they can start building!

In order for you to access your blocks to start building, press the "M" key on your keyboard and a menu will pop up containing the different categories of blocks. The categories are: regular building blocks, colored blocks, decoration blocks, and technical blocks. To choose a block, click on it and drag it to the hotbar on the top of your screen. You can have ten blocks equipped at once and you use the number keys (1-0) to choose a block in the hot bar. 

To place a block, left click your mouse, and to delete a block right click your mouse. 

If a player has equipped wings or a jetpack, they can fly by pressing "e' and the spacebar. The keys "w,a,s,d" can then be used to ascend or descend. 

Enchancing your map production is a good way to build good, solid maps in a short amount of time. At the store, players have the option of purchasing better Brick-Guns, such as the Light and Heavy Brick-Guns, to allow faster brick placement and a longer reach for placing blocks. The store also offers wings or jetpacks that allow the player to fly which can be helpful to delete the starting floor without falling off the map or to reach higher places.