These are the commands for Brick-Force:

F1 - To switch to normal chat.

F2 - To switch to clan chat.

F3 - To switch to team chat.

Shift(hold) - Reduces recoil, and also makes your footsteps unheard but significantly reduces movement speed. 

Key's 1-5 are used to change weapons when availible, (fifth key is for the bomb in Defusion mode). 

Q - Changes between the last two weapons you used.

E - Allows planting of the bomb when near the bomb site in Defusion mode when the bomb is equipped.

R - Reload your weapon. 

Print Screen - In-game screenshot.

K - Accesses weapon Action Panel when you spawn.

/w *player name* *text* - Whisper to any online player.

Enter/Return Key - Chat.

Tab Key(hold) - View players, scores and ping. 

LMB - Fire your weapon.

RMB - Aim down scope (snipers only).

Mouse Wheel - Change weapons by scrolling up or down.