BWP38 is the default pistol for Brick-Force it does not expire and does not cost a cent. The BWP38 was used in the early 20th Century. It is the first pistol to feature a double-action mechanism. BWP38 like all other pistols are smallweight and increases your speed by carrying it. Through it has high Mobility it has weak power and low Rate of Fire, making it difficult to get a K.O.

Griffon 38
Type Sub/Pistol
POW 20%
RoF 62.5%
ACC 75%
Recoil 20%
Mobility 70%
Capacity 40
Base Value Default Weapon


The BWP38 was first Introduced in Closed Beta version 1.4 Infernum Release 40.


  • Remember that this is a pistol, not a machine gun. Use cover at all times.
  • Take advantage with its Accuracy since it has low recoil than try shooting far away with it.
  • Formerly known as the BWP38 until the recent name change update.