Brick-Force Wiki

Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter style game. Because it is a sandbox game, maps are capable of being built. Maps each have their own style, and can be played on with other players in either:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • Blast
  • Deathmatch (survival)
  • Defense

Brick-Force ist ein Sandbox Shooter. Es ist ein Sandbox Shooter, da die Karten selbst gebaut werden. Jede Karte hat ihren eigenen Stil, und kann mit folgenden Spielmodi gespielt werden:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • Defusion
  • Deathmatch (Überlebensmodus)
  • Defense

Can I create maps with my friends?[]

You and your friends can work together and build the great Pyramids of Egypt, the Empire State Building or a rain forest if you feel like it. Your possibilities are vast and the more people work on one map, the more fun will it be. The map’s Master decides who can join. Pressing Ctrl will bring up the administration interface where the Master can permit people to help building or ban them.

Du und deine Freunde könnt zusammen arbeiten und die Pyramiden von Ägypten, das Empire State Building oder einen Regenwald bauen, wenn ihr Lust darauf habt. Eure Möglichkeiten sind enorm und je mehr Spieler an einer Karte arbeiten, desto mehr Spaß macht es. Der Raum-Master entscheidet, wer mitmachen darf. Durch das Drücken von "Strg" öffnet sich die Administrationsfläche , wo der Master Spielern erlauben kann, ob sie bauen dürfen oder auch nicht.

Why do I have to register a map?[]

Only registered maps are open for everybody else to be played in. Your map needs to fulfill certain parameters for it to work as a battle ground.

Can I delete saved maps in my map slots?[]

Yes you can, but you have to use a "Map Reset". You can but it for 330 tokens. Alternatively, you can erase the map brick by brick and rebuild it, and then rename it. You can get new maps slots with Premium account or with Extra Map slot items, for 660 tokens. For more information go here.

Is there a fly mode?[]

In order to fly, you must obtain wings or a jetpack. You can buy them in (Shop) >> (Toolbox).

How do I fly?[]

To fly, press E to activate/deactivate wings/jetpacks.

How can I get more maps?[]

You can get more maps by downloading them. You can download maps in (Map Management) >> (Map Search). Some maps have download fees.

What is Map of the Week?[]

Map of the week(MOTW) is a map that gets chosen by Infernum. After that, Infernum puts it up on their Brick-Force page. Infernum puts goals in the map, which if you do you get a reward. Some of these rewards can be Weapons, Action Panel Items, or items which make building easier!

What is an official map?[]

Official maps are the ones that the game contains by default. These include:

  • Sky Bridge
  • Compound
  • Sky Garden
  • Warzone
  • Metro 2012
  • Dusty
  • Bus Depot
  • The Cube
  • Deep Tower
  • Cargo Quay

What kind of items are there for map building?[]

Just like how you purchase new guns in Play mode, you may buy "Brick-guns" For build mode. The three types of brick-guns are:

  • Brick-Gun-- This is the default brick-gun. It has a short range and is slower than the others.
  • Light Brick-Gun--This is one level up from the default. This gun has extended range and builds faster than the first one.
  • Heavy Brick-Gun--Behold, the ultimate building tool! This gun's range goes as far as you can see, and it builds as fast as you can click!

There are also different settings you can put on your brick gun by pressing F, G, or H.

  • F will allow you to place bricks like normal. There is no limit to this.
  • G Will activate your Streamliner. This can make straight lines of bricks. These are limited, so only use them when necessary.
  • H will activate your Swappie. This can turn any type of brick into any other brick without a problem.

And finally, there are brick packs available for using Season 2 and Season 3 bricks