Keeping a full room

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You've made a room, and now you want players to join! The problem is people leave in a hurry when nothing involving them goes on. You ask yourself how to keep them? This page has some tips to help you do just that!

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Keeping the Editing Rooms full

So you are about to make a map but want help from other players. What do you do to bring them in? Like with Battle Rooms, Editing Rooms are also prey to a certain etiquette that can make or break your hopes of making your room active. Just remember a few simple steps and your room will probably fill just as you wanted.

  • Be welcoming to players.
  • Keep control of your room.
  • Please and thanks.

Be welcoming to players

When a player joins your room, its a good thing. Trowing out a "Howdy" or "Welcome", even a "Hello" or "Hi" can grasp a visiting player's attention. Once you have their attention, let them explore or explain what you are doing. If they want to join you, then let them know of any rules you have for your room and have a blast!

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Please and thanks

A player has to go or your map is finished. Maybe you need help from another player to finish something? All that hard work place into your room makes you and the others proud. A simple thank you for their hard work, or saying please when you need help can go a long way toward getting people to return to your room the next time you host it.

A final thought

As this was being written, a thought occurred to the writer. Why not use a friendly or catchy name for your room title? If you can grab a player's attention you might be able to draw them into your room. If you can use the above steps to keep them there for a while then haven't you just gotten one step closer to your goal of a full room?