Brick-Force Wiki


Applied game fixes:

  • Break Effect Texture for Leaf brick has been changed
  • Some messages could not be closed after clicking on OK
  • When looking at other players stats, they say their own XP bar, instead of the observed players
  • Players can’t buy premium items without Token
  • Wooden Crate can now be placed properly
  • Character does not use invisible weapons and they are now properly displayed
  • Sound and Animation effects for the Random Box have been changed
  • When a room is locked with a password, the auto focus will automatically select the password field to enter the password
  • Fixed Connection issues during login procedure
  • Ladder use has been optimized
  • Removed sounds from ladder use when not moving
  • When switching from Brick-Force with “Tab”-Key to another program while being on a ladder, the player won’t fall down
  • Pressing Space Bar during chatting on a ladder, won’t cause the player to fall down
  • Player won’t leave mounted gun, when pressing the Space Bar while chatting
  • Mouse sensitivity won’t be modified when pressing the respective keys during chatting
  • Player camera won’t get stuck, when dying on a mounted cannon
  • If a player joins a match that just finished, he will be redirected to the menu
  • Scrollbar in the item menu has been optimized
  • Player can now properly place bricks in editor mode, until the limit has been reached
  • UI has been reorganized and resized
  • Lobby area has been restructured and divided into “Build” and “Play” tabs
  • Map name is now visible in the game lobby
  • Game types are now distinguishable with icons
  • Typo in the launcher has been fixed
  • Purchase discount has been optimized
  • Collision box for Blast Box and cannons has been changed

Feature Updates:

  • Item Decomposition has been added to the game. When a player decomposes a weapon, he will receive Brick-Points. Decomposable items are marked with a “Hammer”-Icon in the top right corner of the weapon icon. Rare items from the “Random Box” or other items without the “Hammer”-Icon are not decomposable.
  • Random Box has been added
  • Emblems and Backgrounds images have been added for the Clan Mark
  • Weapon Slots can be rotated with the Mouse Wheel
  • Reload Function has been added
  • It is now possible to turn on/off the radio messages with the key “/” key (US keyboard layout)