Brick-Force Wiki

Version 1.9.96 - 11.05.2012[1][]

Game Updates[]

  • There have been adjustments to texts in all languages
  • Items can now be purchased permanently (Displays 999 days what will be changed to permanent later on)

New game items[]

  • The ‘Straw Hat’ has been added for players who purchased tokens with UltimateGameCard
  • The ‘Game Star Outfit’ has been added for players who purchased the game magazine GameStar

Bug Fixes[]

  • Brick-Force won’t crash when a player joins a session while the map is loading.
  • Brick-Force won’t crash when players press up or down arrows while chatting.
  • Strange movements in Blast Mode have been fixed that occurred randomly at the start of a new round.
  • Players won’t be invisible in the Results Screen or the Waiting Room after a game of Blast Mode is finished.
  • Dead players will disappear as intended in Blast Mode.
  • The sound effects for Hit and Kill have been fixed.
  • Disconnection issues when receiving a clan invitation that has more than 16 characters in the topic has been fixed.
  • The BKG400 sound effects have been fixed (your ears will be thankful!).
  • Brick-Force won’t crash when there are no consumables in the Action Slot (In the “My Items” tab).