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Piranha[edit | edit source]

"Next generation secondary. Causes heavy damage for a pistol"- In-game description

Purchasing Options[edit | edit source]

Note: This only shows the prices for Weapon Mastery 1. *1 Day- 2,670 FP/ 89 Tokens

  • 7 Days- 7,770 FP/ 259 Tokens
  • 30 Days- 23,070 FP/ 769 Tokens
  • Permanent- 1,529 Tokens

Tactics[edit | edit source]

The Piranha is the speed-based weapon of the two secondary weapons from Brick-Force's Season 2. Though nearly equal to it's power-based counterpart, it is considered the most powerful pistol so far in the game due to it's impressive rate of fire, which is only outmatched by the Falcon 18. However, due to the Piranha's higher power, it reigns supreme over all other pistols. This gun is definitely the choice for anyone who has quick fingers.

Tips on Usage[edit | edit source]

The Piranha has the most DPS (Damage per Second) of all secondaries so far (With the exception of the Delta Rare, the only Pick'N Win secondary), due to it's high rate of fire and incredible damage. However, due to the fact that a player must repeatedly click the mouse to fire with a pistol, this weapon is best for people who have quick hands. If you have a harder time rapidly clicking with a pistol, you might consider using the Delta instead- The Piranha's power-based counterpart.

German[edit | edit source]

Der Piranha hat die meisten DPS (Schaden pro Sekunde) aller secondaries bisher (mit Ausnahme des Delta Rare, das einzige Pick'n Win sekundär), aufgrund seiner hohen Feuerrate und unglaubliche Schäden. Doch aufgrund der Tatsache, dass ein Spieler immer wieder auf die Maus, um mit einer Pistole abzufeuern, ist diese Waffe am besten für Leute, die einen schnellen Händen haben. Wenn Sie eine härtere Zeit schnell Anklicken mit einer Pistole haben, sollten Sie überlegen, mit dem Delta statt-Die Piranha Macht-basierten Gegenstück.