Snow-Camo Jacket

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Snow-Camo Jacket
Snow-Camo Jacket.png
Type Jacket
Armor 20
Base Value Pick 'N' Win

"A snow-camo jacket with wool padding for double the warmth!" - Brick-Force

The Snow-Camo jacket is a relatively rare item that provides armor as well as a point and xp boost. It can be acquired through the Pick 'N' Win. It is part of the Snow-Camo outfit set.

In addition, the Snow-Camo Jacket (along with other Snow-Camo uniform parts)could be purchased in the shop for 1,399 Tickets from the 7th December 2012, 15:00 CET (9:00am EST)to the 9th December 2012, 23:59 CET (11:59pm EST).