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Team Death-match Mode is a battle between two teams (red and blue). The person who creates the room is labeled "Master". Each room is able to hold up to sixteen players, eight for team red and eight for team blue.(Playing with 16 people may cause lag.)

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Der Teamkampf-Modus ist ein Kampfmodus zwischen zwei Teams (Team Rot und Blau). Derjenige, der den Raum erstellt hat wird als "Master" angezeigt. Jeder Raum kann bis zu sechzehn Spieler besitzen, acht für Team Rot und acht für Team Blau.(Das Spielen mit vielen Personen erhöht den Lag-Faktor.)

Le mode MME(match à mort par équipe) est une bataille entre deux équipes (rouge et bleu). La personne qui crée la salle est appelé maître. Chaque salle peut contenir jusqu'à 16 joueurs : 8 dans l'équipe rouge et 8 dans l'équipe bleue. (Jouer à 16 peu causer certains lags)

Team mode interface[]

Tean mode interface / Interface du mode MME

The interface between this mode and the others does not vary a lot. Please see "Team mode interface" to the right, so you know what the heck I'm talking about xP 1) Armor/Health. In this little miracle box you can see how much armor you have and how much health you have. Armor is basically a shield around you. As long as you have it, your actual health doesn't take any damage. When it hits zero, your health starts taking damage. When your health runs out, you're dead. (<color=red>Duh</color) 2) Ammo. This little box shows you how many bang-bangs you've got left. The number on the left shows how man shots you've got until you have to reload again. The one on the right shows how many reloads you've got until you're completely out of ammo. Both of these numbers, and the rate at which the right one declines, depends on the gun you have. 3) The action bar. Here is where you see the items you've equipped before battle, and you use them by pressing the keys you've bound them to. That's really all there is to it. 4) Here you see details about who's getting killed by who, with what weapon, and what team they are on. (User's color indicates team) 5) Chat! Though it will most likely be empty in the heat of a battle, it can be a valuable tool in organizing your team. 6) Daily missions. Here you see the...uhm...Daily Missions xD. They're basically like a side-challenge for you. Completing them gets you force points or a coin, which can be used in Pick'N'Win. 7) The score. This is really the only thing that will change from one mode to the other. In this mode you see each team's score on each side, with the target score in the middle. Once the goal is reached by one team, that team wins and the round is over. 8) The timer. This prevents fights for dragging on for unreasonable amounts of time. If one team does not reach the target score before the timer runs out, the team with the highest score wins the round. 9) Last but not least, the radar. Here you see people on your team ONLY. Useful for getting your bearings.

Exit menu[]

Exit menu

Pressing Esc will take you to the pause menu. Clicking Main Menu will take you to the, no not the main menu, the room menu. Clicking Exit Game will close Brick-Force completely, and clicking Cancel Gets you back in the game.

Hint: Pressing Esc will NOT stop the time or make you invisible, so watch out for opponents! If you exit mid-game, you will not earn any points or exp!

Durch das Drücken von Esc gelangt man ins Pause-Menü. Indem man auf Hauptmenü klickt gelangt man wieder in die Lobby. Mit Brick-Force verlassen wird Brick-Force ganz geschloßen. Mit Abbruch wird das Pausen-Menü geschloßen und man kann weiter spielen.

Hinweis: Durch das Drücken von Esc wird man weder unsichtbar noch stoppt man die Zeit. Also, achte auf die Gegner! Wenn du mitten in einer Runde den Raum verlässt, erhältst du weder Force-Punkte noch XP. Deine Forcepunkte Boni aus der Aktionsleiste werden aber nicht verbraucht!